The Walking Dead Heat Sensitive Coffee Mug

  • HEAT ACTIVATED – Pour in hot liquid and watch out as the Zombie magically appear. This color-changing mug contains the living dead inside. In order to activate the mug the temperature of the hot liquid should be over 70°C/158°F. At that temperature the color of the mug will change to reveal the zombie.
  • HIGH QUALITY – Grade A quality ceramic with cool design, this mug will bring a smile to your day when you wake up in the morning and have that first cup of joe, tea or hot chocolate.
  • ARTWORK ON BOTH SIDES – Unlike most color changing heat sensitive mugs this authentic Zombie Mugs mug has high quality artwork printed on both sides of the mug.
  • 11 OZ CERAMIC MUG – with Artwork – Like all color changing mugs this mug is NOT MICROWAVE OR DISHWASHER SAFE, hand wash only! Placing mug in dishwasher or microwave could ruin the art as for all heat changing mugs. Also we do not recommend leaving mug in soaking water as it could also damage artwork!
  • This quality collectible is a unique addition to any fan’s set. Give this cool collector’s merchandise to moms, dads, fans, grads, kids, guys, and gals who love pop culture fun!

Possibly one of the most awesome gifts you can buy anyone is a simple coffee mug. It is simple and it is easy but there is also the fact you can choose something unique to the person you are giving it to. That is the very fact that will make this The Walking Dead Heat Sensitive Coffee Mug so awesome especially if you happen to know a fan of this hugely popular zombie apocalypse TV show. The Walking Dead Heat Sensitive Coffee Mug looks like any other ordinary coffee mug when it comes out the box or is stored in your kitchen cupboard. Then, when you pour a hot liquid into it, it will begin to change in this case the mug will turn from black to white. It will also revel a zombie waker which looks as though it is banging on the inside of the mug trying to get out. Just like you see in The Walking Dead when zombie walkers bang on glass windows.

Not only is this a truly awesome gift idea for the geek in your life it will be a highly collectible item. This is especially true for anyone collecting memorabilia from the hit TV show.


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