Super Mario Piranha Plant Figure

  • Collect all your favorite characters in the Super Mario 4-inch line!
  • Most come with up to 13 points of articulation
  • Each figure comes with a secret power up accessory!
  • These authentic figures are sure to please kids and collectors alike
  • Collect them all!

The great thing about looking for a gift idea for video game fans is that there are so many awesome products out there. Sure, you could buy them an actual video game but everyone does that. So if you have a video game fan you are looking for a gift idea for why not consider this awesome Super Mario Piranha Plant Figure? It is an awesome gift idea for video game fans, Nintendo fans, or fans of retro gaming.

The Super Mario Piranha Plant Figure is a truly unique gift idea and is based on characters from the Super Mario Bros video games. This character has appeared in nearly every single Mario video game from the original all the way through the various spin-offs that have been released in subsequent years.

Not only is this Piranha Plant a great novelty gift idea it happen is highly collectible. If you or someone you know is a fan of collecting video game, Nintendo, or retro gaming memorabilia this is a truly awesome piece that you will want to own.

Keep it in its original packaging and it will be hugely desirable among retro video game memorabilia collectors in the future. It may even increase in value.


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