Soundwave ThreeZero Collectible Figure

  • A threezero import
  • Intricately detailed sculpt with a high range of articulation
  • Die-cast metal parts
  • Stands 11.2″ tall with 80 points of articulation
  • Includes Sonic Cannon and foldable Ravage (in robot mode)

If you are looking for gift ideas for movie geeks why not consider this awesome Soundwave ThreeZero Collectible Figure. It is based on the Decepticon character from the hugely popular Transformers movie franchise and will make the most awesome gift idea. This is especially true when you consider it even transforms. How awesome is that?

The Soundwave ThreeZero Collectible Figure is much more than a gift idea for movie geeks. This Transformers action figure is hugely collectible. It will look awesome as part of any Transformers collection and on display in a man cave, home cinema, office, or bedroom. You can even choose to keep it unopened in its original box. This is always a sure fire way to make action figures even more collectible and desirable in the years to come.

From threezero! Hasbro and threezero are proud to present Megatron’s most loyal and reliable of Deceptions, Soundwave (and his devotee spy-trooper Ravage) as the next character in the Transformers DLX Collectible Figure Series! Each DLX Collectible figure features intricately detailed sculpts, a high range of articulation, LED illuminated details, die-cast metal parts, and the expert paint weathering that threezero is known for — all at a smaller scale and lower price point! Standing 11.2 inches tall, the DLX Soundwave features an impressive 80 points of articulation, LED illuminated eyes, Sonic Cannon, foldable Ravage (in robot mode), and die-cast metal parts!


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