Peter Venkman Hasbro Ghostbusters Collectible Figure

  • PREMIUM ARTICULATION AND DETAILING: Fans and collectors can display the highly poseable Peter Venkman figure featuring premium detail and design in their action figure collection
  • MOVIE-INSPIRED ACCESSORIES: The Plasma Series Peter Venkman action figure includes proton pack, neutrona wand, and ghost trap accessories that make great additions to any Ghostbusters collection
  • PETER VENKMAN: This shouldn’t come as a shock (unless you’re participating in one of his studies), but Peter Venkman is the man with the mouth that can convince (almost) anybody of (almost) anything
  • TERROR DOG BUILD-A-GHOST PIECE: Collect select figures in the Ghostbusters Plasma Series to build a bonus Terror Dog action figure
  • DON’T CROSS THE STREAMS: The Ghostbusters have been stopping ghastly ghosts and gruesome ghouls dead (again) in their tracks since 1984, and the adventures continue with Ghostbusters Plasma Series figures and vehicles from Hasbro (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.)

If you are here looking for a movie memorabilia collectible or just for a simple gift idea for a movie fan you are never going to lose buying an action figure. In this instance we are looking at the Peter Venkman Hasbro Ghostbusters Collectible Figure. This action figure is based on one of the main and most popular characters from the hugely popular hit Ghostbusters movie. A movie that is popular now as it was when it was released back in the early 1980’s.

The Peter Venkman Hasbro Ghostbusters Collectible Figure is highly detailed and as movie accurate as you could ever hope for.

This action figure is much more than a great gift idea for movie geeks. It also happens to be a highly collectible item. As with all action figures this will become extremely desirable in future years. If it is kept in mint condition and in an unopened and undamaged box it will likely become highly desirable among collectors of movie memorabilia and therefore more valuable.

Besides anything else you can be sure it will look fantastic on display in any room of your house.


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