Morgan James with Impaled Walker Action Figure

  • Deluxe Box features a blood-splattered ‘Survivor Edition’ version of Morgan Jones
  • Figure includes an Assault Rifle, Walking Stick, Backpack and 22 Points of articulation
  • Set includes bloodied Walker Spike Trap made of a wooden cable spool (2 3/4″ W x 2 1/2″ H) with six removable spikes (4 5/8″ H)
  • Fully assembled Walker Spike Trap measures approximately 4 5/8″ W and 4 5/8″ H
  • Removable female Walker Figure can be impaled onto the spikes

When looking for collectibles from The Walking Dead, the hugely popular zombie apocalypse TV show, you cannot go far wrong with action figures. This is what makes this Morgan James with Impaled Walker Action Figure so awesome on so many levels. The Morgan James with Impaled Walker Action Figure can be put on display in any office, man cave, or home cinema room where it will look cool. If you happen to be a true collector of The Walking Dead memorabilia you will probably want to keep it in mint condition and in its unopened and undamaged box. Something that will make it more collectible, more desirable, and ultimately more valuable in the future.

This Walking Dead action figure also makes an awesome gift idea or the geek in your life. What fan of The Walking Dead would not love such a highly detailed and awesome action figure?

Suffering from the additional loss of his son at the hands of his turned wife, Morgan Jones began to lose touch with his humanity. As seen in Season 3 episode ‘Clear,’ Morgan devises intricate and complicated traps to shield himself from both Walkers and Humans alike. Time and experience gives Morgan a new sense of clarity as he sets out to find Rick Grimes.


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