Funko Pop Movie Moment: Banquet Room Ghostbusters

  • Package dimension : 5.0″ L x 4.0″ W x 7.0″ H
  • This iconic scene is perfect for any Ghostbusters fan
  • Collect all Ghostbusters product from Funko
  • Made in Vietnam

Funko Pop or Vinyl Pop products have proven to be hugely desirable collectibles and awesome gift ideas ever since they were first released. This truly awesome Funko Pop Movie Moment: Banquet Room Ghostbusters is certainly no exception to that rule. The Funko Pop Movie Moment: Banquet Room Ghostbusters looks awesome, is awesome quality, is fun, and is priced very well which makes it such an awesome gift idea.

As a collectible, especially if it is kept in mint condition and in an unopened and undamaged box, you could not ask for anything more. It is based on one of the best known movies of all time which makes it even more collectible. Anyone familiar with Funko Pop products will undoubtedly already be aware how they make awesome gift ideas and even better collectibles. Despite the fact they are relatively new to the market some of them are already very difficult to come by and are been sold for many times their original selling price. You can only begin to image what some of the limited edition Funko Pop characters will sell for in the future as they become more rare and more collectible.


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