Flux Capacitor Watch

How could any fan of the Back to the Future movie franchise fail to love this awesome Flux Capacitor Watch.

Based on the very thing that makes time travel possible this is your chance to own something none of your friends are likely to own. And it tells the time so what is not to love?

If you are looking for a unique gift idea for a movie geek in your life check out this awesome Flux Capacitor Watch. How could anyone not want to own a Flux Capacitor Watch especially if they are a fan of the hugely popular Back to the Future movie franchise?


  • The Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Wristwatch is just like the time traveling generator seen in the movieā€¦ but you can wear it and it tells time!
  • To read the time on the Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Wristwatch press the bottom button and then get ready to count lights. Time is divided into hours, minutes first digit, minutes second digit – so it looks confusing, but is very easy to read. (Example: 10 lights, 5 lights, 3 lights = 10:53 – and it repeats).
  • The time circuit LCD display will show you the date. Press of the middle button and you can also activate “Time Travel” mode, where the Flux Capacitor will flux and the time circuit will display a random date!
  • Band and case are made out of stainless steel (just like a DeLorean) and features safety buckle with 2 pushers.
  • Dimensions: Watch approx. 1.4″ x 1.9″ x 0.7″, Strap width 0.9″, Strap maximum length: approx. 9.4″ wrist (arrives at this length, shorten by knocking pins out to remove links). Batteries: 1 x CR2032 (included).

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