Dwarven Treasure Coin Set

  • Officially authorized by Warner Brothers.
  • Authentic prop replica.
  • Set includes five coins. Includes wood display box.


If you are here searching this website then there is every chance you are here searching for Lord of the Rings gift idea. Yes, there are plenty of products available for sale relating to Lord of the Rings but if you want something really, really, cool and really, really awesome check out this Dwarven Treasure Coin Set. This Dwarven Treasure Coin Set is officially licensed by Warner Bros and happens to be a 100% perfect replica of what is seen in the hugely popular movie trilogy. What is not to love about this as a gift idea? It is an actual replica of a Lord of the Rings prop. Any fan of the movie or the books will find this truly awesome.

It is also worth pointing out that these coins are something that, as a Lord of the Rings movie prop, will be considered to be highly collectible. If they are kept in mint condition, preferably in their original and unopened packaging, they will likely prove to be hugely desirable among collectors of movie memorabilia or collectors of Lord of the Rings memorabilia.



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