Carl Grimes – The Walking Dead Action Figure

  • Figure is approximately 5 inch scale
  • All figures from The Walking Dead TV Series 4 are based off of 3D scans of the actors from the AMC TV show
  • Includes hunting knife with sheath, prison medical bag, prison keys and a removable sheriff’s hat
  • Figure has 22 points of articulation
  • Figures are based on characters from the most watched drama in basic cable history

It is more than fair to make a statement saying action figures based on TV and movie characters always end up being highly collectible. This is especially true if they are based on characters from a hit TV show or movie. TheĀ Carl Grimes – The Walking Dead Action Figure is based on a main character from the hugely popular zombie apocalypse TV show. The very fact theĀ Carl Grimes – The Walking Dead Action Figure is based on a character from what is considered an adult themed TV show will make it even more desirable and collectible in the future. You usually find action figures based on shows aimed at children sell many more units so there are more in circulation. In this case only a limited number will be sold which will make it harder to find in the future and more valuable to collectors.

This action figure will make not only make the perfect item for collectors of The Walking Dead memorabilia. It will also make the perfect gift idea for him, the lovable geek in your life or fan of The Walking Dead. Grab one now before it is to late.


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