Back to the Future Board Game

  • The Back to the Future Game everybody is raving about!
  • Celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the groundbreaking franchise and join Marty McFly, Doc Brown and a time traveling DeLorean-fueled adventure of a lifetime!
  • Play as Marty McFly, Doc Brown, Jennifer Parker, or Einstein
  • Game brings major movie plot points to life in an exciting race against time
  • Cooperative gameplay pits players against Biff and his gang
  • Includes a DeLorean Time Machine miniature and 7 movie character figures
  • 3-D Clock Tower acts as a dice-rolling randomizer

If you are looking for the ultimate gift for movie fans or for fans of the Back to the Future movie look no further than the Back to the Future Board Game. This is a game that has bene specially cerated to celebrate the 35th anniversary of this historic movie trilogy.

The Back to the Future Board Game is for 2-4 players and allows fans to take on the role of all the main characters in the movie. Such characters include Marty McFly, Doc Brown, Biff Tannen, and many more.

The aim of this awesome gift for movie fans is based on the main theme of the movie . You have to travel back in time and make sure Marty Mcfly’s parents fall in love before Marty fades away from his very existence. You can work solo to achieve your goal and win the game or you can work with other players to achieve your goal.

Any fan of the Back to the Future movies will instantly fall in love with this super cool board game. This makes the perfect gift for movie fans, fans of Back to the future or even just something you want to buy for yourself if you happen to be a true fan of the movie trilogy.


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